Johannesburg 4 September 2016 (MEDIA FILM SERVICE)

Cape Town 7 September 2016( MEDIA FILM SERVICE)
R5650.00 exVAT (ONLY 15 SEATS)


  • This Course is for DataWranglers, DITs, Editors, VFX Artists, Clapper Loaders and 3rd Year Cinematography & Editing Students. There are limited seats, please send us an email with your CV to

    We will have Callum Just (Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible) & South Africa's Richard Muller (Avengers, Chappie) These two respected DIT's will cover the theory surrounding the medium as well as facilitating a hands-on camera and complete workflow walkthrough, covering the most commonly requested deliverables, gear required, problems one might encounter and the real-world solutions.

    COURSE BREAKDOWN 9.30am – 5.30pm

    Lesson 1 – Intro to Digital Imaging

    Self Introduction
    DIT Role and Responsibilities
    What you are expected to know
    Lesson 2 – Underlying Technology

    What a sensor is and how it works
    Understanding RAW and compressed formats
    Colour spaces and Gamma
    Understanding key technical terms

    Lesson 3 – Workflows

    Technical overview of a workflow
    Looks at ARRIRAW and Alexa 65 workflows
    Management of large amounts of data
    In-depth look at real world examples

    Lesson 4 – Preparing for a Digital Shoot

    On set DIT setups
    Data labs setups
    What kit to take with you

    Lesson 5 – Quality Control Checks

    Why, when and where we perform a QC
    What to look for in a QC
    Examples of failed QC’s

    Lesson 6 – Setting Up a Project

    Colour pipeline
    Dailies workflow

    Please email with your CV & details to if you would like to attend and we will let you know if there are any seats available in your nearest city.