Introducing the NA762TB: High-Performance, Quiet, Fail-Safe, RAID 5/6 Thunderbolt™ Storage Solution

HighPoint's NA762TB is a full-featured storage powerhouse backed by industry proven hardware-RAID technology, and delivers the uncompromised performance, superior reliability, and effortless every-day usability demanded by today's leading media professionals.
The NA762TB delivers High-Performance RAID storage without Compromising Data Security
The NA762TB seamlessly merges the simplicity and speed of Thunderbolt™ with HighPoint's industry proven RAID technology. Powered by a dedicated RAID processor with 512MB of DDR3, & 8 removable SAS/SATA disk modules, the NA762TB is the ideal storage platform for professional applications that demand uncompromised performance, unparalleled data security, & effortless usability.

Netstor Desktop 8 bay Thunderbolt RAIDstorage