Digital HD Video Assist on a Mac

The most affordable dual camera QTAKE offers Dual channel SD/HD recording, Camera triggered auto-record, Camera metadata capture, Synced Playback of two clips, Reverse playback, Loop playback, Frame By Frame playback, Variable speed playback, Multiple IN/OUT markers, Chapter markers with titles, Tree-based visual clip browser, Table-based clip list browser, Clip Metadata, Camera Metadata, Shot Metadata, Clip Notes, Camera Media Filename, Import Quicktime video files, Import AVI video files, Import WAV audio files, Import JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF image files, Export PDF Report, Screen- shots, DVE, On Screen Display, Still Mix, Demux & Quad, SDI video card playback, SDI video card live processed output, Master/Slave Remote Control, BMD Videohub Direct Control, BMD Videohub Presets.

Q-Take Light

  • If you buy the light, you have the option to upgrade and pay the difference.

    X2: 3300USD
    X4: 5500USD


    Pay In Full: One time payment.
    - Permanent licence with dongle.
    - Licence is computer-ID dependent.

    Rental: 10% of the price monthly.
    - 10% of the price monthly during selected number of months. -
    - Licence is computer-ID.
    - No dongle, no permanent licence.
    - Option to purchase a rental licence (min. for 1 day, max for 6 months)