The Echo Pro ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter from Sonnet connects with Thunderbolt technology equipped computers. The Thunderbolt technology speeds up to 10 Gbps and it supports high resolution displays as well as high performance data devices through a single, compact port. This adapter expands Thunderbolt connectivity to support more than just storage systems and monitors. You can add an ExpressCard/34 slot to any computer through this adapter. This enables you to use a wide variety of ExpressCard/34 cards to add a range of interfaces and capabilities to your system.

The adapter allows you to add FireWire ports or an eSATA interface to your setup. This supports hot swapping which helps you to select and change the ExpressCard as per your need. Most Sonnet ExpressCard/34 cards (with a PCIe interface), such as Sonnet FireWire interfaces, CompactFlash and SDXC card readers, select eSATA controllers, interface cards for Qio CF4 and Qio E3 pro media readers and ExpressCard 2.0 are also supported.

The adapter boosts specialty adapters like RMEs HDSPe ExpressCard and interface cards for the AJA io Express as well as the Matrox MX02 family. Install Sonys latest SxS driver* thus enabling support for Sony SxS memory card. This card is used in Sonys popular XDCAM EX line of professional HD camcorders and the ARRI ALEXA line of digital cameras. With the added capability to read SxS, SxS Pro and SxS 1 cards, it is the high speed SxS memory card reader. It enables Thunderbolt technology equipped Mac computers to read SxS cards at over 100 MBps.


10 Gbps Thunderbolt Technology
Supports ExpressCard/34 Adapters
SxS Compatible
PCIe 2.0 x1 Bus Interface
Up to 5.0 Gbps Data Transfer Speeds
Mac Compatibility
RoHS Compliant

Sonnet Echo Pro ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter

  • Dimensions 6.7 x 10 x 3.4 cm
    Form Factor Desktop
    EAN 732311009013
    Host Interface Thunderbolt
    Warranty 1 Year
    Brand Sonnet
    Series ExpressCard Pro
    Output Interface ExpressCard/34