The Professional Workflow 512GB Data Storage Drive from Lexar is a flash-based storage drive that can be used solo or added to a Professional Workflow hub to quickly and easily store transferred files. Leveraging USB 3.0 speeds, the drive provides read transfer speeds up to 450MB/s. It offers high-capacity 512GB storage, so that you have the space to back up large media files. The drive also comes with LED capacity indicators, so that you can see available storage space at a glance.

Capacity Meter
Each white LED represents 20% full capacity, allowing you to monitor free storage availability at a glance
A blue LED indicates power and activity
Workflow Ecosystem
Compatible with Professional Workflow Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 hubs
The drive can also be used on its own with the included USB cable
450MB/s read transfer speeds and 245MB/s write speeds

xar Professional Workflow 512GB Data Storage Drive